History of the brand

Ripauste by Paul Stéphan was born in November 2011. “Thumbing one’s nose at the establishment”, “taking revenge on destiny”, “striking back” in fencing: that’s what “Ripauste”, a creative pun mixing the designers’ first names, means. The lively and smart ‘riposte’ of two young sisters.

Pochette Bandoulière Rose

The designers

Taking up challenges, creating, evolving: these are their main strengths.

Stéphanie and Pauline met for the first time at the hospital’s maternity ward after Pauline’s birth…

One is a visionary, the other is a dreamer… these two sisters are like salt and pepper. A blond and a brunette; a wise career girl and an instinctive go-getter. They don’t have the same tastes, they don’t like the same colors, and yet they share a common desire to create together.



Pauline is adventurous, independent and somewhat unable to stand still!
When she graduated from her business school, she took a plane on a whim that brought her straight to London for an indefinite period of time. There, she discovered a new culture, met new people, and came across new sources of inspiration.

She made a detour through Spain and Italy, and was finally back where she belongs in the South of France. To make it short, she then briefly resumed her studies, and had a professional experience in the world of sporting events and festivals, which satisfied her travel bug and thirst for discovery. 

She can be a little messy, and might end up at the Lost and Found Office, or with her mother on the phone who says: "Haven’t you lost something?» 

This brand looks like her: independent, hedonistic, and simply carefree. There's no telling what tomorrow will bring!

Pochette Bandoulière rose poudré


Stéphanie is far-sighted, organized and ambitious. She is in control of her life and sometimes of the others’! After graduating from a business school, she joined Pauline on the other side of the Channel. They had finally found a common ground. Over-booked days, a little bit of rain, going to parties, a little bit of rain, going shopping, dining at restaurants, a little bit of rain, new friends, new colleagues, a little bit of rain… life passed gently.

Back home, in Montpellier, she evolved and worked in the retail fashion business. Yet, she wanted to create and launch her own business, to make her own way in the world. The bet was taken!

A place for everything and everything in its place.More than organized, Stéphanie is over-organized, and believe me it has become obsessive! 

When she was a child, she was already a mother. As a student, she was already a teacher. She is just the kind of down-to-earth, responsible, and reassuring person that can make you feel more confident. 

“Ripauste”, as you may understand, is the perfect balance between these two sisters. This brand is the expression of two personalities, two passions and two sensibilities. 

pochette bandouilière bleu canard

The Products

Over time, handbags have become wardrobe essentials, but also small parts of ourselves. A handbag must be practical, comfortable, useful and obviously trendy. It must adapt to our life, our personalities, and our needs. Ripauste bags give their owners a feeling of freedom, a sense of lightness. 

Are you looking for an original handbag? Discover our selection of leather handbags, our wide range of colorful clutch bags, our full grain leather women's belts, and our cuff bracelets signed by Ripauste. 

Ripauste by Paul Stéphan handbags are manufactured in carefully selected factories in Spain and Portugal. 

Pochettes Ripauste